• Please call for booking in on 01832 280634
  • Active parachuting to FL130
  • No overhead join
  • No dead side
  • Circuit height 1000' station QFE set
  • All circuits to the South and East
  • Over fly the pylons on approach to 24 no lower than 300' station QFE set. 
  • Do not land on the undershoot for 24
  • All of the runway length is available on 06, including starter extension. 
  • Avoid overflying local villages
  • Contact Wittering Zone on 119.675 at 10 miles from Sibson. 

Sibson Circuit and Noise Abatement Diagram (PDF)

Approach, Land and Departure runway 24 images:

Avoid Elton Village and Elton Hall on cross wind
Elton Village

Elton Hall

Morborne Masts 3 mile south east of airfield
Morborne Masts

Keep masts on your left, head 330 to see airfield
Morborne Masts

Turn base following A1 north bound.  Keep east of the village on bend of road.

Final 24.  Note Pylons.  Overfly at 300' station QFE set
Final 24

Power Lines 24

Power Lines - Short Final 24

Short Final 24

Tower and parking
Tower and Parking

Rear view of climb out on 24.  Note white roof of hangar, a good visual aid when looking for the airfield.
Climb Out 24