Lets face it - most of us fly aerobatics because it's immense fun! However, aerobatic flying brings confidence, precision and a practical understanding of the finer points of aerodynamics unmatched by any other flying activity, making all your flying both safer and more enjoyable. We use a, fully refurbished, Cessna 150 Aerobat for all aerobatic work.

Aerobatic 'Taster' Flights - for those of you who're unsure about whether you'd like to do a full course, but would like to experience the wonderful world of aerobatics, we can provide a 30 minute 'taster' flight for only £105. During this trip, the instructor will introduce you to maximum-rate turns, the loop, the aileron roll and the stall turn.

Have a look at this video which was made for us by Red Letter Days showing a taster of our aerobatic flying:

For more information about the Aerobatic Course please see page 285 of the CAP 804 document issued by the CAA in conjuction with EASA.